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.Kids Sunrise & Launch Schedule:

(Note: All periods open at UTC 16:00 and closes at UTC 15:59)


TMCH Sunrise

Period Open: Aug 11, 2022 (Thu) - Period Close: Sep 14, 2022 (Wed)

Community Sunrise

Period Open: Sep 20, 2022 (Tue) - Period Close: Oct 19, 2022 (Wed)

Pioneer Domains

Period Open: Oct 19, 2022 (Wed) - Period Close: Nov 20, 2022 (Sun)

General Availability

Period Open: Nov 29, 2022 (Tue)

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.KIDS TLD Officially delegated to the Root Zone
Happy Children’s Day from DotKids Foundation to all our young friends in Hong Kong and Taiwan!

April 4th is a day that celebrates kids! This Children's Day, we're especially excited to share our commemoration of the historical delegation of the '.kids' domain to the Internet's root system by ICANN! This means the space dedicated for kids on the Internet is born, and that you will soon be able to choose domain names such as www.hello.kids for your website to reach kids and parents around the world.


Online Safety


12.05 - DotKids Foundation joined the HKTDC InnoTechDesign Expo 2015 (ITD Expo) ... READ MORE

07.21 - Invited to present in the 3rd Asia Pacific Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography Roundtable. ... READ MORE

07.02 - DotKids Foundation co-host workshop “Online Safety Awareness and Development of Sustainable Civilized Internet for the Next Generation“ with IGF Pakistan ... READ MORE

03.25 - DotKids Foundation hold workshop Creating Child-Friendly Cyberspace — Balancing right to access and child protection” in RightsCon Southeast Asia on 25 March 2015 in Manila. ... READ MORE

Bianca Ho - UN Multistakerholder Advisory Group Member, 2014


12.01 - Bianca Ho, from DotKids Foundation, elected to the Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum (UNIGF) for 2015. ... READ MORE

09.12 - DotKids Foundation submitted position paper to The Committee on the Rights of the Child ... READ MORE

09.10 - Meeting with friends at The Terre des Hommes International Federation to discuss child protection online. ... READ MORE

09.02 - Speaking at the 9th Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Istanbul ... READ MORE

03.15 - DotKids Foundation partnered with WebOrganic, ITRC of Hong Kong Council of Social Services and DotAsia Organisation promote Safer Internet Day in Hong Kong ... READ MORE

02.21 - DotKids Foundation invited by the Council Working Group of ITU COP to discuss the launch of .KIDS and the well-being of children online in Geneva, Switzerland. ... READ MORE

02.19 - Kids-Friendly Internet Campaign launched to supports DotKids Foundation as Community based organization to run .KIDS TLD ... READ MORE

Children are stakeholders of the Internet too!

About DotKids

'.Kids' is a specialized Internet space for all things kids! We are a child-centric top-level-domain (TLD) for kids, parents, educators, kids advocate groups and like minded businesses. Operated by DotKids Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation, the new .kids domain extension is dedicated to kids and the communities that serve them, and the only TLD with kids’ best interest at heart.

DotKids Principles

We, DotKids Foundation, as the only community based applicant for the “.kids” domain, acknowledging the impact that a .kids domain will have on kids and the general public around the world, we believe that .kids must be run under these guiding principles:

  • Adopt the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child as a fundamental guiding principle to protect the rights of children;
  • Operate as a not-for-profit initiative promoting kids-friendly content on the Internet;
  • Promote the well-being of children online and uphold children’s rights;
  • Value children’s participation on Internet governance by making .kids a platform for children as an important part of the multi-stakeholder approach to build a better Internet world together; and
  • Support child-rights organizations and initiatives around the world, especially with relevance to the development of the Internet with the best interests of the child as a fundamental principle.


A list of .KIDS policies can be found on the Policies page.

Marketing Collateral

.KIDS logo and Style Guide - The .KIDS logo and its variations and complementing components are available here for use.  They can be extracted from the PDF file using a vector editing program such as Adobe Illustrator.  If you require support or need additional file formats, please feel free to let us know at info[at]nic.kids | Download PDF

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